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All crime statistics are reported to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program or UCR by Ohio law enforcement agencies. The statistics are reported either by incident bases reporting or by providing a summary of the report.

The report summary includes statistics of various crimes, including murder, rape, assault, theft, arson, and robbery.

On the other hand, Incident based reporting, also known as OIBRS, which is the abbreviation for Ohio Incident based reporting, provides very detailed information of crimes compared to the Uniform Crime Reporting program. It also provides information on crimes that were not included in the UCR program. Any law enforcement agency in Ohio can use this voluntary program to send the statistics of crime to federal and state governments. Due to the quality of the information provided by the Incident based reporting, it has replaced the Uniform Crime Reporting program in many parts of Ohio.

The goals of OIBRS do not just include submitting crime statistics, but it also aims to provide additional benefits for the agencies that work with this program. In terms of additional benefits, it has improved the crime mapping capability and the repository. The improved repository can give out results for advanced search criteria and generate reports that can be effectively used for crime analysis. While these reports provide significant insight into a given area’s crime, the crime mapping capability can also be effectively used to analyze criminal activities in any given area. It also assists agencies in automating their reporting and records process. Training or special assistance is given to RMS software dealers, who would want to get certified by OIBRS.

Crime has clearly been on the rise in the State of Ohio. As per statistics, as many as five thousand people leave Cincinnati every year, which comes to be around 11 people daily. According to Charlie Winburn, a member of the city council, the number of people leaving the city is mainly due to the high number of homicides. This fact has been confirmed by the crime report released by the Department of Public Safety.

ODPS OR Ohio Department of Public Safety is a branch of the FBI. Based on its reports, the number of violent crimes has seen a sharp increase in three out of four major cities in Ohio. Cleveland has been experiencing the highest increase, especially with robbery, which is at 14%. On the other hand, the Rock n Roll city has seen burglary go up by 1.8%, which is the worst among Ohio’s four major cities. As per the crime data coming in from Dayton, aggravated assaults have seen an astonishing increase of 47%. Even though Ohio has seen slight improvements, burglary is a problem for all four major cities. The city with the highest rate of arson is Columbus, which has reported an increase of 20.2%.

50-55% of the serious property and violent crimes are committed by individuals below twenty. In 2001, seventy-five percent of the arrested offenders were male, which is 3 times the females’ percentage. Twenty-six percent of those arrested for serious crimes were Juveniles. Just like in the adult category, seventy-one percent of the juveniles arrested were males.