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What are arrest records and arrest warrants?

Arrest warrants are legal documents that are issued by the state highway patrol police unit, the county sheriff’s department, or the town and city police departments. These warrants will bring someone under arrest only after an officer or a law investigator has decided that there is sufficient evidence that lead to charging the respective suspect with a certain crime. The previously mentioned agencies normally share criminal records information, and they are also usually aware of each other’s outstanding warrants, provided a suspect enters each of the jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, these warrants can only become active and gain their legal force once they have been signed by a sitting judge in the court of law after a thorough analysis of all of the evidence and information that has been brought to the court. These arrest warrants also need to originate from the county where the supposed crime took place, and they have to clearly indicate or name the person who is charged of having committed the respective criminal act.

Ohio arrest warrants become active by following the above protocol, and bench warrants are also issued here by sitting judges whenever an individual does not present himself or herself in court during a mandatory appearance. Plus, Ohio arrest warrants are at the public’s disposal according to and the under the Ohio Public Records Act. This act clearly states that the records of government are the people’s records. Therefore, Ohio arrest records are comprised of all of the arrests that have been finalized against a certain individual. Arrest records normally include information such as the date of the crime, the name of the crime that the suspect is thought to have committed, and a thorough description of the suspect. Once these arrest records are put in order and completed by the legal authorities, the general public should be able to gain access to them.

How do I search for Ohio arrest records and arrest warrants?

Performing arrest warrant searches should begin with first finding out which legal agency is responsible for issuing the respective arrest warrant. If problems are identified along the way, one should use the Freedom of Information Act in order to state and strengthen the right that he or she has to obtain the records. Both online and offline sources of information could be found concerning these Ohio arrest records and arrest warrants.

One could also try to personally visit the police department that is being noted by the 911 department, including a field office of the Ohio State Highway Patrol or even a local county sheriff’s department. By providing the name of the person for whom the respective agency has issued an arrest warrant against, one could find the information he or she is looking for. A person could also ask a records clerk whether there is an electronic copy of the arrest warrant. Several police departments in the state of Ohio can share reports using the Ohio incident-based reporting system, according to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, which can be accessed here: http://www.ocjs.ohio.gov/.

According to official criminal statistics, between the years 1999 and 2008, the state of Ohio recorded more than 4,500,000 total crimes. Out of that number of crimes, around 400,000 were reported to be violent. There are also more than 450,000 yearly crimes occurring here, and around 50 percent of them are transpiring less than a mile from the homes of the victims. A person falls victim to a criminal act 50 times an hour, on average. Ohio crimes refer to more than 5,000 murders, over 40,000 rapes, and surprisingly, over 3 million thefts.

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