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Anybody who is interested in doing an inmate search in Scioto County will find himself faced with a plethora of options, which can add to the confusion of conducting inmate lookups. For instance, both the police and the Department of Corrections offers the facilities needed for launching a prison inmate search. However, what people fail to realize is that each agency offers information that is excusive to it and different from that provided by the other office.

For example, if we start discussing the role of the sheriff’s department in the processing of criminals, you will find that they not only take offenders into custody but also house these detainees. In fact, since they have the responsibility of transporting the under trial from the holding facility to the court as and when required, the detention of any defendants who have not been let out on bail is also the responsibility of the police department.

So, a separate correctional center has been made for the sole purpose of incarcerating such criminals. It is run by the officers of the Division of Corrections, which is a tributary of the sheriff’s department. Hence, it would be most appropriate to use the inmate finder tool offered by the police when you need to launch a Scioto County jail inmate search.

Higher up the correctional ladder is the Department of Corrections. This is the Big Daddy of the prison system since they manage all facilities outside of the county jails. Hence, if a criminal is serving a term of more than one year in prison, you will find him in one of their detention facilities. So, if you are interested in initiating a Scioto County prison inmate search, this is the agency that you ought to be going to.

You can find inmate locator facilities from the DOC of Ohio as well as the sheriff’s office. The online service of the DOC for inmate search is available at To inquire with the sheriff’s office, you will need to visit the law enforcement agency at 602 7th StPortsmouth, OH, United States.