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There is a lot that can be said about the Guernsey County Clerk of Court’s office. This is the agency that imparts administrative support to the judiciary and works as the primary records keeper for the entire legal network. Furthermore, the agency also handles case search requests that come from civilian applicants and state organizations.

So, even though their role in the actual trial can only be described as passive, the department is represented in every court session by one of its deputies. Personnel from the county clerk’s office are entrusted the responsibility of collecting court documents and preparing judicial records in Guernsey County, OH.

All of this information is then compiled into case-wise reports and stored in the database of Guernsey County court dockets. Every tribunal in the area will also maintain its own judicial records. However, these will only pertain to the matters that were heard by them.

In contrast, the Guernsey County clerk of court’s department has the lowdown on all civil and criminal cases initiated in the area. To get your hands on this data, you can go to 627 Wheeling Ave, #305, Cambridge, OH 43725. All legal matters from 1990 onwards are docketed in the computerized database that is connected to the public service terminals.

As far as the courts go, you can get in touch with the Municipal Court at Cambridge for inquiries that pertain to misdemeanor charges, civil actions where the disputed amount does not exceed $15,000 and small claims cases. The Court of Common Pleas which is the tribunal of general jurisdiction is located at 801 E Wheeling Ave D-300, Cambridge, OH 43725.

This tribunal will handle all civil litigations where the disputed amount goes beyond the cap amount of $15,000, felonies as well as probate and family matters. In terms of criminal cases, computerized court dockets are maintained from 1990 and for civil matters the judicial records saved on computer go back to 1984.