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The Attorney general’s office is responsible for the protection of the families in Ohio from corrupt financial practices with the help of the enforcement authority. Any corrupt financial practice that happens in areas of antitrust, protection of consumers, charitable trust and fraud in healthcare will be carefully checked by the enforcement authority.

The office also supports law enforcement agencies by providing training for officers. These trainings are held at the OH Peace Officer Training Academy. A branch of attorney general’s office called the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation provides assistance to the law enforcement agencies in matters of fingerprints, DNA and other similar point of evidence. Additional support is also provided by the Organized Crime Investigations Commission and the state’s Law Enforcement Gateway for cracking cases of complex nature. The environmental laws are directly enforced by the attorney’s office.

On the basis of the open government laws in Ohio, the office ensures accountability from all departments and at the same time extends training for open meetings and public record’s laws, whenever needed. Internal Audits are done by the office to ensure all procedures follow the policies set for them, which is also why any discrepancy causes the office to come under the spotlight.

Special care is given to the vulnerable citizens in Ohio. These citizens include elderly, children and crime victims along with those who could be subjected to the many faces of greed, which include shady, illegal and unfair trade practices, crime and illegal usage of power by those in authority. Special programs are run to support the livelihood of veterans, military personals and their families.

Criminal Justice

The criminal Justice branch of Ohio Attorney General’s office is divided into 4 sections:
Special Prosecutions Unit: This unit is in charge of persecuting major felony crimes in Ohio, when requested by the county persecutors. Appointed by the court, this unit can help the county persecutor when additional assistance is required or when the county persecutor has conflicting interests. Some of the most serious felonies include child sex abuse, homicides, white collar crime and malpractices by a public official.

Capital Crimes Unit: This unit is responsible for backing death sentences that are imposed by the law. This can include long periods of litigation in the court, due to the inmates who want to prove that there verdict was improper. They also provide assistance to county persecutors during the trial when the sentencing would probably include death penalty. They also work along with the county persecutors when a response is foiled towards a clemency request before execution.

Habeas Unit: This Unit is responsible to legally ensure that dangerous prisoners stay detained in the prison, when these inmates try to overturn there conviction or sentences.

Corrections Unit: This unit is responsible for defending Ohio DRC, department of Youth Services and their employees, against the lawsuits made by inmates.

Crime Victim Section

Victims of domestic violence, kidnapping, murder, assault, rape or any other violent crime will most likely undergo unexpected and tragic circumstances. The Crime Victim Section of the Attorney Generals Office offers assistance to help victims, provide trainings for individuals who assist victims and extend services to the many crime preventive programs being run in Ohio. You can reach the crime victim section at 614-466-5610.

Consumer Protection Section

This section of the attorney generals office is responsible for protecting the citizens of Ohio from corrupt business practices. Under the authority granted by various statues, especially the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, this section regulates laws that are against deceptive and unfair practices. These practices may include but are not limited to: shoddy workmanship, failure to deliver goods or perform services and false advertising.

The Consumer Protection Section also conducts local and state level investigation and joins with federal and multi State investigations to protect Ohio consumers. By cooperating with the federal and state authorities, this section has made major settlements and has won many million dollars from restitution and civil penalties, for the Ohioans.

In its attempt to additionally assist businesses and consumers, this section also provides consumer and business education. A process for complaint resolution is also set up to resolve disputes within non profit organizations, businesses and consumers. You can reach the Consumer Protection Section can at 614-466-8831.