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An active warrant that has not been successfully executed by a law enforcement officer within a given period of time will change into an outstanding warrant in Ohio. The successful execution of an active warrant ends with the arrest of the individual who has supposedly committed the crime. Without the arrest of this individual, further investigation of the crime might be difficult and if the alleged individual is actually the offender then justice will not be served. There are many reasons that can cause an active arrest warrant to change into an OH outstanding warrant. A major reason is when the police officers are unable to locate the individual on whose name the arrest warrant is issued. This can happen if the individual is not present in the areas where the police have been looking for or because the individual is purposefully hiding at some undisclosed location. Sometimes due the low severity of the crime and due to the attention required for the arrest warrants of high severity, the Ohio law enforcement agency might become unable to devote time to serve some warrants and in such cases these warrants will turn into an outstanding arrest warrant in Ohio.

An arrest warrant is the legal document that empowers the law enforcement agencies in Ohio to arrest the individual mentioned on the warrant. This warrant can be served by the state police, local police and even the sheriffs. However, it is important to know that after a warrant is issued by the court, an officer will be specifically assigned to arrest the person on the warrant.

Contacting the local sheriff’s office can help you find out if there is an arrest warrant on your name. You could have an arrest warrant on your name for incidents such as unpaid traffic or parking tickets. Even though you might feel that it was not an important issue, especially because if happened many years back. You will be surprised to know that an arrest warrant stays in the database of the police, till the person on the warrant passes away or the warrant is settled between the court and the individual.

If you feel you might have an arrest warrant on your name, then your next best step would be to settle it at your earliest. An unsettled arrest warrant can cause lot of problems. For example, if you were to apply for a job and the potential employer were to run a background check on you. He or she would easily locate your Ohio outstanding warrant and will have one strong reason for not awarding you the job. Minor issues such as violation of traffic rules might simply result in paying a fine, so in case you think you have one, make sure to get it settled to avoid any future disruption of your plans or even a sudden arrest.