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So, you are interested in a William’s County case search, do you know who to approach for such an inquiry? Judicial records are held by the tribunals that actually handle the arbitration in a case as well as by the clerk of court’s department, whose primary function is the maintenance of the court dockets.

Hence, to get a case search done, you could go to one of these two entities. At this point, it is possible to seek information on court documents from Williams County offline and over the internet. Now, most people would undoubtedly choose the convenience of an online inquiry over the grind of an investigation conducted in person or the delay experienced when sending in the case search requests through mail.

However, it should be clearly understood that not all judicial records from Williams County, OH are available in soft copy. This means that you cannot find out about litigations that were filed and disposed before 1988 through an internet search. Even if you were to use the public service terminals at the clerk of court’s office, you would still not be able to access this information.

In other words, your only option would be to connect with the county clerk’s department or a tribunal and ask the judicial personnel to launch the case search on your behalf, since older records are maintained in paper books. These go back to 1840.

In order to launch a case search in Williams County through the online method, visit the website at http://pa.wmsco.org/eservices/home.page.2. You could also visit the Common Pleas Court which handles most of the criminal and civil matters, given it general jurisdiction. This tribunal works out of 1 Courthouse Sq, Bryan, OH 43506.

To get in touch with the Municipal Court in Bryan, you will be asked to drive down to 1399 E High St, Bryan, OH 43506 or you can write to PO Box 546, 1399 E High St, Bryan, OH 43506. The County Clerk sits at the same judicial center that houses the Court of Common Pleas.