The decrease of gun related violent crimes in Ohio might as well be due to the increase in concealed gun carrying

An interesting discovery was made in Ohio last year. Based on a study about Gun Violence that was introduced to the public in March 2013, the number of all robberies, homicides with a gun as a murder weapon and aggravated assaults, committed from 1992 to 2011, saw a drop of almost 45%.

The study has also revealed that gun crime rate back in 2001 was 2 per 1,000 residents; however, by 2011 it decreased to 1.5 per 1,000 residents. The shocking discovery is that crimes involving guns decreased in Ohio as a greater number of citizens started to carry guns for self-protection. Thus, the decrease in the gun crimes might as well be related to the increase in concealed carrying of firearms.
Of course, statistics can be used to validate any claim, but this study might as well show that the current strict gun control laws are not exactly what America needs.

Despite enough statistical data to justify the use of legally carried guns for self-defense purposes, it is not an only an academic process. It is more about citizens such as Kelly Smith who had to use a legally obtained gun in self-defense during a robbery. In the story published in the Columbus Dispatch and at, it was stated that Kelly Smith followed the advice of the experts and turned over all his money and other material valuables. However, the robber still tried to shoot him and his infant daughter
If the gun laws in Ohio had been stricter, Kelly Smith and his daughter would not have a high chance of surviving when they were robbed. Fortunately for Kelly Smith, he had a legal right to carry a gun and was able to protect himself and his daughter.

It has been reported in the media that no less than 60 Ohio residents used their legally obtained guns in self-defense. It happened at the times when the number of violent gun related crimes significantly decreased. Thus, people like Kelly Smiths are the good example that concealed carry law do not generate a come back to the days of “Wild, Wild West”, but allow Ohio residents to legally protect themselves.