Lawn mowing at night leads to brutal murder!

A 62 year old resident of Willard City was murdered cold bloodedly just because she chose to mow her small lawn at 9 pm. Her attempts at maintaining the yard in front of her house agitated her neighbor to such an extent that he killed her in the most gruesome manner.

Linda Ciotto’s body was found with a bullet wound as well as deep lacerations on her hands which were probably caused when the murderer ran her down with the very lawn mower that she was using. The bullet wound was on the face and showed that the shot was taken at close range.

The homicide which was being handled by the Huron County Sheriff’s Office shocked the quaint urban area, which lies about 80 miles away from Cleveland. James Blair, a 50 year old resident of the neighborhood was charged with the horrific crime and is being held in the county jail under a bond of $1 million.

His mother, a septuagenarian, was also taken into custody although no files have been charged against her as yet. James Woods was detained after a 6 hour stand-off that not only involved the Huron County police but also a SWAT team. The officers only managed to subdue an armed Woods after they fired tear gas into the home that the mother, son duo lived in.

The Sheriff stated that the mother of the defendant was arrested because she constantly misled the police about the weapon that was used in the slaying. The gun was eventually found in a bag in her possession. The public defender assigned to the case declined to comment on the matter which has sent shock waves through the small community.

In fact, the Sheriff went far enough to say that he had never witnessed such a horrifying crime in the small town in the 30 years that he had spent with the police department of the area.