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A lot of people want to conduct Lucas County inmate searches but they are often dissuaded by the fact that they just don’t know who to go to for an inmate lookup. Whether you are interested in an inmate finder tool that can be used to locate a convict in the state prisons or a program that will help you to find somebody lodged in the county jails, here is some information that will help.

Is there is a difference in a Lucas County prison inmate search and an inquiry aimed towards local jails?

Yes, the detention centers within the county will only handle prisoners who were convicted of petty crimes by a court in Hamilton County and they were sentenced to no more than one year in prison. Furthermore, under trials and those waiting to be shifted to another detention center or a rehab facility can also be found in the local jails. So, ideally you should start your investigation with a Hamilton County jail inmate search launched through the local police.

For this, you will need to connect with the sheriff’s department. The office is located at 1622 Spielbusch Ave, Toledo, OH 43604. At least for now, they do not offer an online inmate locator for Hamilton but you could call them on 419-243-5111.

The next in line as far as inmate lookups go is an investigation conducted through the Ohio Department of Corrections. It should be understood clearly that the DOC has no control over the county jail. However, this is the state entity that manages the working of all state level penitentiaries across Ohio. If an inmate search through the police cannot get you any information on your subject, it would be worth your time to give the DOC a shot.

Fortunately, at least through this agency, you get the option of using an online inmate finder program. This can be found as a service on the website of the department at Alternatively, you could get your Lucas County prison inmate search started by visiting the agency office personally. For this, drive down to 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222.