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Simple logic needs to be used whenever one has to do a thorough Lucas County, Ohio, warrant search. This should imply identifying the arrest warrants issuing agency, which is responsible for adding new data to one’s arrest records. There are several choices: the Lucas County Sheriff’s Department or the town or city police. If you know for a fact that the arrest warrants you need have been issued by any one of these institutions, you could either personally visit the law enforcement division at 1622 Spielbusch Avenue Toledo, OH  43604 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday–Friday, or go online to this link: and see a constantly updated list of the main sex offenders in the area.

Active warrants in Lucas County and outstanding warrants should all be a part of the public records’ display that could be made available to all interested parties. Moreover, according to the Ohio Sunshine laws, you will not need to explain why you want to see any of these documents upon filling out a request to check out arrest records. Doing a warrant search in Lucas County, OH, could also lead you to this link:, and you could find data kept by the county clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.


If you need information on Lucas County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • 419-213-4945 -Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 419-213-4940 -Call for bond-related information, inmate search, and inmate services
  • 419-213-4975 – Call for an incident report, arrest records, or accident report.
  • 419-213-4965 -Call For information on outstanding warrants
  • 419-213-4591 -Call for victim-witness assistance
  • 419-213-4892 -Call for information on initiating a search for Lucas County judicial records


Crime Statistics of Lucas County

In 2019, the Lucas Sheriff’s Department received 894 criminal complaints, compared to 1054 in 2018. There were 801 property offenses and 93 crimes against people.

Approximately 640 larceny thefts, 110 burglaries, and 51 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property offenses. Around 67 aggravated assaults, 8 rapes, and 18 robberies were among the violent offenses.

Crime reports for this county talk about over 280,000 total crimes that have occurred here between 1999 and 2008. More than 32,000 of the total number of crimes were considered violent, and they were classified accordingly. Around 14,000 of the crimes happening here every year (there are more than 28,000 crimes that transpired) happen close to the victims’ homes. Statistics show that more than 14,000 people fall victim to a crime here less than a mile from their homes. Moreover, every 15 minutes or so, a crime occurs, and this includes murder (there are 200 murders reported), rape (there are more than 1,500 rapes), or theft (there are over 28,000 car thefts).

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