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Whenever the authorities in Allen County, Ohio, decide to arrest an individual, they need first to seek an arrest warrant against that person. These warrants are issued by local agencies such as the town or the city police, the state police highway patrol, or even the County Sheriff’s Department in some cases. First, a crime investigating or a law enforcement officer needs to gather enough evidence to support the issuing of such a paper stating that a crime has been committed.

Once this successfully occurs, a sitting judge will thoroughly analyze the evidence and decide whether a probable cause can be identified. If this happens, the judge can sign these papers and turn them into active warrants against a person. These warrants will then be limited to the county and state where they were issued. Plus, they will most likely not have any legal force in other states. You should also know that the arrest warrants that are not fulfilled in time will eventually turn into outstanding arrest warrants.

Allen county warrants

You could start your Allen County Ohio warrant search by first contacting the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, specifically the Warrants and Civil Process division. You could use one of the following: call the business phone (419) 227-3535 ex.282 (for warrants), fax the department at (419) 227-2004. Next, use this link for the sex offender’s database for the area.

Just for your information, the 1999-2008 decade has witnessed more than 38,000 total crimes in this county, and more than 4,000 of them were reported violent. Also, every year, there are more than 3,800 total crimes that occur here. Around 50 percent of these crimes happen less than one mile from the home of the victim. Every 120 minutes, someone falls victim to a criminal act over here. More than four dozen murders, over 700 rapes, more than 24,000 robberies, and more than 1,500 car thefts transpiring here periodically.

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