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There is certainly no dearth of Preble County sources, OH, when looking for information on active arrest warrants. A judicial decree that commands the police to apprehend the person against whom it has been issued, once such an arrest warrant is released, perpetually stays in effect.

So, it is not particularly cumbersome to find information on outstanding warrants or arrest records in general. To start your warrant search, visit the magistrate’s office first. After all, this is the agency responsible for issuing arrest warrants. The magistrate’s court in Preble County is located at 101 East Main Street, Eaton, Ohio 45320, and to call them on the phone. You can dial 937-456-8173. You can also get additional information on how to access public records from the website of the Preble County Courthouse at

The county clerk’s office can provide more detailed information on arrest warrants, as they have data on civil litigations and criminal matters presented before the court. Because the court of clerk’s office and the magistrate’s court are both located at the county courthouse, you should have no problems looking for additional information on the subject of your inquiry.

As the last stop, do not forget the sheriff’s department. The law enforcement agency’s office is located at 1139 Preble Dr, Eaton, Ohio 45320 and can be reached over the phone at 937-456-6301. The sheriff’s department not only makes a formal request for arrest orders of the kind but is also entrusted with the task of serving all types of arrest orders, including bench warrants.

The crime rates of Preble County, Ohio, have been in a constant upwards trajectory since 2004, and till the end of 2008, there were no signs of a trend reversal. At the start of the decade in 2001, the area had one of the lowest crime rates in the county, with the annual crime figures never going beyond the two digit range. While the crime rate is still fairly low, if this growth is not curbed, the annual numbers of criminal activity may very well exceed 1000 incidents.

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