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If you have ever feared that you may have an arrest warrant outstanding in Morrow County, you know how stressful this can be. However, several resources are available to the public for searching for arrest warrants issued in Morrow County. Both the Municipal Court and the Court of Common Pleas can issue arrest warrants, so you must search the court records for both courts for criminal cases. Furthermore, you will want to search the records of the Sheriff’s Department for outstanding warrants. To begin your warrant search, it is best to start with the Sheriff’s Department.

If you want more details about an outstanding warrant or if you want to request a criminal history report, you must contact the Sheriff’s Department in person. Their office is located at 101 Home Road in Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 (phone: 419-946-6991). If the arrest warrant has already been served, you can request copies of the arrest records.

Morrow county municipal court

Once a judge signs an arrest warrant, it becomes an active warrant, and a criminal case file should be available for view at the Clerk’s Office. Therefore, you should continue your warrant search by looking for open cases through the county court system. The Morrow County Municipal Court is located at 48 East High Street in Mount Gilead, OH 43338 (phone: 419-947-5045), and the Court of Common Pleas is also at this same location (phone: 419-947-4515). You can request copies of court records from either of the courts, but you will be charged for copies.

Morrow County, OH crime data

Between 1999 and 2008, the rate of crime increased by 100% in Morrow County. During this period, approximately 2,000 crimes were reported within the county, with less than 70 of those crimes being violent in nature.

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