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Just like other Ohio counties, Franklin County has a pre-established arrest-warrants-issuing procedure that needs to be strictly respected by the law agencies that are responsible for maintaining order in the streets. Namely, for arrest warrants to become active warrants here, they first need to be issued by either one of these agencies: the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, the town police, the city police, or the Ohio State Highway Patrol police unit. Once a criminal act has been discovered and a suspect has been named, sufficient evidence needs to be gathered and brought to a court of law. There, a magistrate or a sitting judge will become responsible for the issuing of active warrants of arrest on the suspect’s name. Upon signing these papers, they gain legal force and they entitle law enforcement officers to start the search and complete the arrest of the alleged criminals.

At times, outstanding warrants will also be added to the criminal or arrest records of a suspect, due to the police’s inability to find or capture the respective felon. This link: should help you do a thorough Franklin County warrant search by simply using the alleged criminal’s last name, or you can narrow your results by entering the first name and middle initial. The specific court can also be selected and then you can search for a certain case by entering the case number in this format: 03 CV 007795.

Criminal records in this county show that during 1999–2008 there were close to 700,000 total crimes reported. Of these crimes, close to 10 percent were of a violent nature. Almost 50 percent of these crimes transpired in close proximity of the homes of the victims — generally less than one mile from their residences. Plus, statistics also show that a person falls victim to a homicide, a rape, or a theft close to 10 times an hour. We are talking about more than 900 murders, over 460,000 thefts, more than 75,000 vehicle thefts, and more than 6,500 sexual assaults.

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