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If you believe that an arrest warrant may have been issued in Huron County, OH, against you, sitting around and doing nothing to extricate yourself from the situation is certainly not going to help. In fact, if there is indeed an active arrest warrant out in your name, you can be very sure that the cops are pursuing you systematically, so the sooner you deal with the matter, the better chances you stand of getting out of the situation without too much hard to your professional and personal life.

You certainly cannot approach the sheriff’s office or any judicial agency on your own if there is an arrest order out in your name. Any such attempt will lead to an arrest, so there are only two options in this case. You can either send a friend to conduct the inquiry on your behalf or use a third party website to do a warrant search in your name. These privately maintained databases have arrest records from across the country.

If you choose the former, a person you know can discreetly look for outstanding warrants in your name by approaching the county clerk’s office or the magistrate’s court. In fact, it is also possible to get information on bench warrants along with detention orders in felony cases through these sources.

The office of the clerk of court and the magistrate can be contacted by visiting the justice center in the county at 2 E Main St # 207  Norwalk, OH 44857, United States.

Such an inquiry can also be taken to the sheriff’s office. Because the law enforcement agency is entrusted with the task of serving the warrants and is also responsible for taking the person in whose name they are issued into custody, they maintain all arrest warrants in their hard copy and electronic formats.

To contact the sheriff’s office, find your way to 255 Shady Lane Dr, Norwalk, Ohio 44857. For information on the most wanted criminals in the area, visit the Huron County sheriff’s department’s official website at


Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Huron County over the phone? (Updated-2021)              

  • Detainees are taken to the Huron County Jail, so call the facility at (419) 668-1996 to find out about recent arrests
  • Criminal records are also maintained by the law enforcement office, so call them at (419) 668-6912 for criminal background checks and civilian fingerprinting.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is the main law enforcement agency of Huron County, so call them at (419) 663-2828 for general crime-related details
  • The Sheriff’s Deputies handle all warrants, so contact the agency at (419) 668-6912 for a warrant search
  • The Huron County Prosecutor’s Office provides help to crime victims, so contact the agency at (419) 663-3839 for victim’s assistance
  • The Clerk of Court handles all judicial records, so contact the agency at (419) 668- 5113 for a case search


Crime statistics of Huron County

Around 650 criminal complaints were filed in Huron County in 2017. Of the crimes reported, approximately 630 were property-related while the rest were violent offenses. When it came to crimes committed against persons, assaults and robbery cases led to the filing of complaints each. Of the reported property crimes, over 500 were instances of larceny-theft while around 100 were burglaries.

Through the ten-year period that started in 1999 and ended in 2008, nearly 7500 crimes occurred in Huron County, OH, of which over 100 were violent in nature. On an annual basis, at least 700 crimes are reported in the county.

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