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Once an active arrest warrant has been handed over to Lawrence County’s police, OH, it will be held back in the system perpetually under different names. All warrants that are served are retained in the crime database under the arrest records category. Simultaneously, those that cannot be executed are stored in the repository as outstanding arrest warrants.

Although only the judiciary has the authority to issue arrest warrants in the county, the sheriff’s office and the county clerk’s department also hold all information about such detention orders. So, when conducting a warrant search, you have more than one option.

Start at the magistrate’s office, which is located at 10916 County Road 1, Chesapeake, OH 45619, or you could call on 614-533-4355, but you will need to go down to the office of the magistrate in-person to receive crime history information.

A visit to the magistrate’s office will help if you know a bit about the matter in which the arrest order was issued; however, if you would like an overall check on all cases, civil as well as criminal, that an individual may have been involved in, the county clerk’s department will be a more appropriate choice as they maintain the court dockets for all branches of the judiciary in Lawrence. You can find them at Veterans Square, Ironton, Ohio 45638, and call them on 740-533-4314

Finally, the sheriff’s office will be able to offer you a more extensive criminal background history of an individual, including information on arrest and bench warrants. To visit the law enforcement agency, show yourself at 115 S 5th St, Ironton, Ohio 45638. You can also contact the records division by dialing 740-532-3525

There has been a massive rise of almost 100% in the rate of crime of Lawrence County, OH, over the decade that ended in 2008. Although crime is not a serious problem for the area, with just about 350 reports being fled annually, if this growth is not checked in time, the criminal incident figures may soon burgeon to well over 1000.

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