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Legally, an active arrest warrant issued in Muskingum County, OH can be defined as a court released order to the police which commands them to take a person into custody and hold him till such time that he can be released on bail.

Arrest warrants once issued are seldom pulled back. In fact, this only happens in the rarest of cases when somebody else is found guilty of the crime that this person is being accused of, through the course of the investigation.

However, till this happens, an outstanding warrant against an accused in saved in both the judicial and law enforcement systems. So, you will find no dearth of places to go to when you need to conduct a warrant search in Muskingum.

Try the magistrate’s office first; it is located at 401 Main St, Zanesville, OH 43701 and you can contact them on the phone at 740-455-7113. However, for the warrant check, you will need to call on them in person.

Muskingum county clerk of courts

Once a case is heard in the court even if it is a pre trial hearing or warrant hearing, all information pertaining to it is stored in the court dockets and these are maintained by the office of the county clerk. So, you can also visit this administrative branch of the judiciary for warrant details.

Located at the same justice center in Zanesville as the magistrate’s office, you can also mail in a formal request to the clerk of court at PO Box 2333, Zanesville, Ohio 43702 and call on 740-455-7107 to find out when you can expect the results of your search.

The sheriff’s department is another government agency that offers multiple options to check arrest records.Visiting their office at 28 N 4th St, Zanesville, Ohio 43701 will get you the most extensive information on the subject of your inquiry. However, you can also call on 740-452-3637 for generic crime information. To learn about the precise process for initiating a crime history check, go to The agency also offers a most wanted list on their website at

On an average almost 2400 crimes are reported in Muskingum County, OH every year. Of these more than 50% are incidents of property theft including carjacking while felonies like homicide and rape rank considerably lower with just about 20 and 2 case reports lodged respectively.

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