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If you suspect that there might be an active arrest warrant out in your name in Jefferson County, OH, it would serve you well to get in touch with an attorney promptly. The lawyer will not only be able to guide you on the right course of action to get out of the legal mess you find yourself in, but also he/she will be able to verify if an arrest order has actually been issued against you by a local criminal court.

Scouring through the arrest records held by various state agencies is not too tedious; however, the person requesting a warrant search has to show up in person at the agency office to receive such an inquiry. Unfortunately, the applicants are requested to bring along a photo ID, so you will be arrested on the spot if there is a detention decree in your name.

However, there is no reason not to conduct this inquiry through a friend, associate, or your lawyer. Start with:

The sheriff’s office: The local police department will undoubtedly have the low down on all outstanding warrants issued in the area, so call on them at 16001 State Route 7, Steubenville, Ohio 43952.

Judicial agencies: You can also seek this information through judicial entities like the magistrate’s court or the county clerk’s office. Data on arrest warrants is maintained in the court dockets, and many justice centers will allow civilians to browse through their databases from an onsite terminal. Both these agencies work out of 301 Market St, Steubenville, OH 43952.

For generic inquiries on the most wanted people in the county, you need not take the trouble of showing up in person at the local precinct. Instead, visit the official website of the sheriff’s department at


Can you get any information pertaining to Jefferson County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • You will get details on recent arrests by calling Adult Detention at 740-284-3350 and Juvenile Detention at 740-283-8684.
  • You can inquire about arrest records and police reports by calling the non-emergency dispatch line- 740-283-8600.
  • You can get judicial records from the Office of the Clerk of Court- 740- 283-8509.
  • You can get victim’s assistance from the County Prosecutor’s Office- 740-283-2070.


Crime Statistics of Jefferson County

The Jefferson Sheriff’s Office handled 54 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 87 in 2018. Of these, 44 were property offenses and 10 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 33 larceny thefts, 10 burglaries, and 1 auto theft, 9 aggravated assaults, and 1 rape.

There has been a marginal yet steady rise in the crime rates of Jefferson County, OH, over the eight-year interval from 2001 to 2008. While the crime figures only rose by about 20%, this has translated to nearly 1600 criminal occurrences per year. Of the eight-year mentioned above, the crime rate increased gradually every year, but in 2005 it showed a significant spike.

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