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Why would you ever want to put your life and the safety of your loved ones into the hands of a veritable stranger without ascertaining if he/she is worthy of such trust? It is a well-known fact that some of the most dangerous criminal minds in the country appear to be regular Joe’s at first glance.

So, who is to say that the new employee you took on just last week does not fall into this category? Be safe now instead of sorry later and start your association by looking for active arrest warrants issued in Logan County, Ohio, against the new people in your circle.

The magistrate’s court of Logan acts as an impartial judicial entity that issues arrest warrants after duly considering all case-related facts. The police may request an outstanding warrant in the system, or it may be a bench warrant issued by the court of its own accord. Either way, these will lead to an arrest.

To gather information on arrest records and start a warrant search, you should approach the sheriff’s Logan office. This is located at 284 County Road 32 South Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311. While they do not entertain phone requests for information, you can call the county jail on 937-592-8111 for details on a certain inmate.

The county clerk’s office retains court dockets about every single matter that is brought before the tribunals. So, they will have the data on all criminal cases initiated against the subject of your inquiry and all civil issues that he/she may have been embroiled in.

To get in touch with the court’s department’s clerk, visit 100 South Mad River Street Suite A Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311 or call on 937-599-7201. The magistrate’s office is another judicial entity that maintains arrest and warrants records. You can approach the office at 101 S Main St, Bellefontaine, OH 43311.

Although Logan County, Ohio only saw a minuscule growth of about 10% in the overall crime rate, the increase of nearly 80% in the number of violent criminal acts has rightfully become a cause of alarm for many. At this time, violent criminal activity only makes up 8% of the total annual crime average of about 750 incidents.

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