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Not all counties offer online arrest records information in the state of Ohio. This means that if you are looking for data on active arrest warrants issued in Mercer County, OH, you will need to put in a bit of effort and visit various government agencies that hold details on all arrest warrants issued by the local criminal court.

Another approach is to use a third-party database. Fill the form above to access a nationwide repository of arrest records that can be used to conduct a warrant search. To take the official route, start by contacting the sheriff’s office. Remember that you will be arrested at the precinct if you have an outstanding warrant in your name.

However, you can get a friend or your attorney to conduct this search on your behalf at the law enforcement officers, located at 125 W Livingston St, Celina, Ohio 45822. The contact number of the justice agency is 419-586-7724, but calling them to get criminal history information will be quite futile as they only offer this data in person.

The same information can also be sought from judicial agencies like the county clerk’s office or the magistrate’s court. While the former is responsible for maintaining case records in the form of court dockets, the magistrate’s court is the issuing authority. It hence will have information on all outstanding warrants.

Both these agencies can be reached by driving down to 101 N Main St Celina, OH 45822, and to connect with them over the phone, dial:

  • The magistrate’s court: 419-586-1249
  • County clerk’s office: 419-586-4232

From 2001 to 2008, over 4000 crimes were reported in Mercer, Ohio, of which close to 5% were violent criminal incidents. These included rape and homicide with 55 and 5 incidents, respectively. Property crimes, particularly theft, with well over 3500 incidents formed more than 50% of the total crime figure.

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