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Only the sitting magistrate of a municipal, circuit, city, or superior court can issue an active arrest warrant in Holmes County, OH. The detention order is released to the police after they place a formal request for it by submitting a petition in court, detailing the crime and evidence in the matter.

The arrest warrants’ execution is left to the police, so the judiciary and the law enforcement agency maintain data about these detention decrees. In fact, information on outstanding warrants is also saved in a federal repository hosted by the FBI. However, civilians do not have access to any of these records directly, although you could use a privately held database by filling the form above.

For information from an official source, you will have to go to the sheriff’s department, county clerk’s office, or the magistrate’s court in person. The police will be able to provide you with exhaustive criminal background information, while the court clerk’s department will be able to get you data on civil and criminal matters. If you approach the magistrate’s court and have details about the criminal proceedings initiated against somebody, you can gather such details as the charges filed and the sentence delivered in the case.

For the sheriff’s office, you will need to show yourself to 8105 TR 574, Holmesville, Ohio 44633-5000 or call on 330)674-1936. You can also write to PO Box 5000. The sheriff’s department does provide access to the sex offender registry and a list of the most wanted criminals in the county through their website at http://www.holmescountysheriff.org/

To reach the county clerk’s office, you will need to drive down to 75 East Clinton Street Suite 101, Millersburg, Ohio 44654. The clerk of the court’s team will usually offer access to the court dockets through public aces terminals at the justice center.

Finally, for the sitting magistrate’s court, visit the county courthouse at 1 E Jackson St, Millersburg, OH 44654. You can also get in touch with a judicial representative on 330-674-0286

Crime data assimilated over a four year period between 2005 and 2008 is available for Holmes County, OH. Through this interval, nearly 1500 crime complaints were filed in the area, which can be calculated to an annual average of nearly 400 instances. While the rate of violent crime is considerably low at just 5% of the total crime average, there has been a worrisome increase of over 10% in the county’s number of crimes taking place.

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