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Both the general public and legal attorneys can use Miami County, Ohio, criminal public records. Determining whether you or a person you know have an active warrant issued under your names is not hard to accomplish. There are a few simple steps to follow, and doing an online background check is one of the simplest methods you could be using.

First of all, understand that having a better grasp of the legal process of issuing arrest warrants will aid you a lot. For example, understanding the difference between an active arrest warrant and an outstanding arrest warrant will help you decide your action plan if any of such warrants do exist. Warrants that have been officially signed by sitting judges at the end of a detailed analysis of all of the evidence that has been presented by the local police or the sheriff’s office are part of the Miami County, Ohio arrest records. For instance, you could visit the online Municipal Court at and find out the precise situation of your warrants and court appearances.

With little over 18,000 crimes reported and recorded between 1999 and 2008, this county witness a crime every 4 hours or so. More than 600 of the total number of crimes were considered violent, and there are little fewer than 10 homicides, more than 200 violent sexual assaults, and over 14,000 thefts and robberies occurring here each year. Also, around 900 crimes usually transpire less than one mile from the home of the victim.

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