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Your warrant search in Champaign County, OH should begin with the magistrate’s court. After all, the judiciary is in charge of issuing arrest warrants, so they have all information pertaining to such detention decrees along with bench warrants.

However, you must also understand that it is the police who serve these warrants and process the arrested individual. So, until such time that an active arrest warrant is served, it remains with the police in the form of a hardcopy. Apart from this, all warrants that are not served get stored with the judiciary as well as the police in the form of outstanding warrants. In essence, you could approach either state agency to get information on Champaign County arrest records.

To get in touch with the magistrate’s court, simply drive down to 200 N Main St, Urbana, OH 43078 or call on 937-653-7376. You will need to carry a photo ID along and furnish information about the subject such as his/her name, gender, address etc.

The county clerk’s office, an administrative wing of the judiciary, will also be able to help you to get information on civil and criminal matter brought before the tribunals. All details about such matters are stored in the court dockets and these can be accessed through the office of clerk of court. Find your way to this agency by visiting 1512 South U.S. Highway 68 Suite R1000, Urbana, Ohio 43078.

Visiting the sheriff’s office is also an option; drive down to the head office of the law enforcement agency at 214 North Main Street, Urbana, Ohio 43078. To call them, dial 937-652-1311. Although you can find information about the procedure for a warrant search on the agency site, they are not offering online records at this point.

Champaign County, OH does not have a particularly high crime rate at an annual average of just above 500 incidents. Of these, just about 5% were violent in nature. Over the ten year period that started in 1999, there has been a 70% increase in the rates of violent and overall crime

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