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A Fayette County, Ohio arrest warrant will have to be procured if police officers intend to barge in to the home of a third person even if this party is the accused. In other words, to enter private premises, cops need to have an active warrant in hand. It is crucial to understand here that a directive of this nature which is secured from the court gives the arresting officers a free hand when it comes to actually apprehending the accused.

This implies that a law enforcement agent is not legally required to adhere to barriers of time and geography when executing outstanding warrants from Fayette County. Arrest warrants issued in felonious matters can be served at any time and in any part of the country because these are aimed at police officers in general and not just deputies of a particular sheriff’s office.

In contrast, a detention directive released in response to a complaint about a misdemeanor can only be executed within the bound of the county that it was released in. Another type of arrest directive is a bench warrant which is generally issued in civil matters and against people who have failed to show up in court after getting bail.

Because all warrants are served by the sheriff’s office, you can find information on all these legal orders along with the charges that were filed in the matter through the local law enforcement department. Similarly, when you approach the magistrate’s court for a warrant search in Fayette, you can find details on judicial order issued against a person including search warrants, etc. To get in touch with these agencies and the office of the clerk of court, go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 113 E Market St, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
  • The court of the magistrate: Given below
  • The department of the county clerk: 110 East Court Street, Washington Courthouse, Ohio 43160

In Fayette County, OH nearly 900 criminal complaints are lodged annually and almost 4% of these are against violent criminal acts. The daily crime average for the area stands at 2 incidents per day and there was a growth of almost 60% in the rate of reported crime and an even greater rise of almost 80% in the average of violent crime.

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