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If you are planning on making a Butler County, Ohio arrest warrants search, you might need to clarify a few things before getting started. First, the arrest warrants here are issued by certain agencies such as the state police, highway patrol, town or the city police, and also the county sheriff’s department. Each of these agencies can therefore issue arrest warrants against a suspect soon after an officer of the law or another crime investigator has managed to gather sufficient evidence according to which a crime has been committed.

These legal papers only gain their active status and therefore turn into active warrants when a sitting judge or a magistrate here decides that enough evidence and information has been brought to their knowledge in the court of law. Soon after the identification of a probable cause is discovered, the warrants will be officially signed and activated by the same judge. They will therefore become part of the county’s arrest records database, and will then turn into public records. The names, age, and last known addresses of the people who have been charged or who have escaped the police will be made public.

The previously mentioned agencies are also aware of the outstanding warrants that exist in this county in Ohio. Requesting the information you need on a suspect or doing a warrant search could be done while visiting this link: https://www.crimesmasher.com/default.aspx. You can also go to the following address that displays the most wanted people in Butler County: http://www.butlersheriff.org/general-info/bcso-most-wanted/. This link with the sex offenders in the area could also help you: http://www.butlersheriff.org/general-info/sex-offender-info/.

There were over 120,000 crimes reported between 1999 and 2008 in this county, and around 10,000 of these crimes were reported to be violent. There are around 12,000 crimes transpiring on a yearly basis in this county, and around 6,000 of them occur less than a mile from where the victims reside. On average, a person is prone to fall victim to a crime here every 40 minutes. There are more than 65 murders, more than 1,300 rapes, and around 7,500 car thefts occurring in this county.

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