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An active arrest warrant from Sandusky County, OH, is simply the legal term given to a judicial order that serves as a directive for the police to nab a person and hold him in custody till he/she can be let out on bail. Only courts with criminal jurisdiction have the authority to release arrest warrants.

To find out if there is an outstanding warrant in your name, you will have to approach a government agency that is a part of the judiciary or a law and order maintenance entity. Another solution is to enlist the help of a third party information vendor. You can easily get access to a privately maintained database of arrest records by filling the form above.

However, if you would rather send a friend over to a judicial body for a warrant search, give him/her the address of the magistrate’s office first. This is located at100 N Park Ave, Fremont, OH, 43420 . The magistrate’s court is the legal entity that issues all arrest orders including bench warrants, so they have all data pertaining to an arrest directive released in a specific case.

Sandusky county clerk of courts records search

The next option is to go the county clerk’s office. The clerk of court and his team maintain an account of everything that transpires when a case is presented before the court. This record is maintained in the court dockets and members of the public are allowed access to this information.

Simply visit the administrative office which is located at the same place as the magistrate’s court. You can also look for records online through the official website of the clerk of court at

If you only seek information on criminal matters against an individual, going to the sheriff’s department is also a solution. Because they are entrusted the job of serving all arrest warrants, they have these orders is the hard copy as well as stored electronically in their crime database. To reach the sheriff’s office, drive to 2323 Countryside Dr, Fremont, Ohio 43420.

Over the last ten years between, the crime scenario in Sandusky County, OH has given mixed signals with an increase of nearly 15% in the rate of overall crime but a significant drop of over 20% in the figures of violent crime. Yet, every year, nearly 1700 criminal reports are filed in the county of which just about 5% are incidents that are violent in nature

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