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The prospect of being served with an active arrest warrant from Brown County, OH, and taken into custody is decidedly unsavory even for the more hardened criminals. So, imagine how embarrassing and harrowing the situation will be for a regular Joe? Unfortunately, sometimes, even people with no nefarious activity to their credit end up with an outstanding warrant in their name just because an unscrupulous person stole their identity.

Do not let this happen to you; the simplest way to avoid such an eventuality is to conduct periodic warrant searches through government or private sources that offer information on arrest records. All arrest warrants issued in Brown are stored with the local sheriff’s office, the county clerk’s department, and the magistrate’s court. Any one of these agencies can be approached for details on outstanding warrants.

Brown County, Ohio sheriff

The sheriff’s office is located at 750 Mt Orab Pike, Georgetown, Ohio 45121. The sheriff’s deputies serve all arrest warrant s so that you will get information on every type of arrest decree against an individual through this agency. Call them on 937-378-4435 or visit their “most wanted” listing at

Brown County Ohio clerk of courts

The county clerk’s office is situated at 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown, Ohio 4512; this agency maintains the court dockets to offer details on civil and criminal cases. Also, they often provide public access terminals at the county justice center, which can easily scroll through the case records. To call them, dial 937-378-6478.

To reach the magistrate’s office, drive down to the county courthouse located at 770 Mt Orab Pike, Georgetown, OH 45121. The magistrate’s court is the only justice agency that holds the authority to issue warrants.

Between 2003 and 2008, a criminal incident was reported in Brown County, OH, every 18 hours. During the 5 year period, a total of nearly 3000 crime reports were filed in the area. Of these, only 2 were for homicide, and 25 were for sexual assault, but otherwise, more than 50% of the criminal occurrences were related to property theft.

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