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Not everybody who has an outstanding arrest warrant in his/her name in Knox County knows about the issue of the detention order. In fact, many arrest warrants remain un-served because the people against whom these are issued are unaware of their existence.

However, ignorance as an excuse will not help you to get off lightly in court. So, being cautious and periodically conducting a warrant search in your name and that of the people you know is truly your best bet.

For arrest records, you can start your search at the local precinct; the Knox County Sheriff’s Department maintains an up-to-date repository of all active arrest warrants issued by the criminal courts in the area. To find specific information from this database, you will need to approach the law enforcement officers with a formal request.

They are located at 11540 Upper Gilchrist Rd, Mt Vernon, Ohio 43050. The agency handles all requests for warrant searches, but you will have to visit the sheriff’s office in person to receive the information they find.

If you are only interested in a look at the various anti-social elements at work in the county and how the police are dealing with them, try the ‘most wanted’ list on their official website of the justice agency at

The county clerk’s office and the magistrate’s court will offer the same data as the sheriff’s office. The sole difference is that the information received from these sources will also include details on civil matters.

So, depending on your precise purpose of conducting the warrant search, these judicial agencies may prove to be more appropriate. To find the court’s office clerk, go down to 117 E High St, Mt Vernon, OH43050.


How do you get information about Knox County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • For recent arrest-related questions, call 740-397-3333.
  • For bail and inmate services-related questions, call 740-392-5245 (JAIL).
  • For arrest warrants and criminal-records-related questions, call 740-399-3904.
  • For information on a criminal investigation- 740-393-6800.
  • For judicial-records-related questions, call 740-393-6788.
  • For victim’s support-related questions, call 740-397-3404.


Crime Statistics of Knox County

In 2019, the Knox Sheriff’s Office received 386 criminal complaints, compared to the 384 instances that were received in 2018. There were 330 property offenses and 56 violent crimes among the total.

Around 272 larceny thefts and 58 burglaries were reported under the category of property offenses. Nearly 33 aggravated assaults, 21 rapes, and 2 robberies were included in the category of violent crimes.

Knox County, OH, has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, with a mere 70 incident reports filed every year. However, this has not stopped the crime figures from burgeoning by a whopping 70%. The rate of violent crime has nearly doubled from 1999 to 2008.

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