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Columbiana County, Ohio arrest warrants follow the same general state issuing rules of active warrants. First of all, a crime has to be committed, observed or reported by a local law enforcement officer, the victim of the crime or a witness. Once the suspect of the crime is identified, authorities such as the local town or city police, the state highway patrol or the sheriff’s office department will become responsible for the issuing of an arrest against that person.

Next, the same authorities will have to gather enough evidence to support a probable cause in the court of law. A sitting judge is going to have to carefully study all of the details of the case and decide whether active warrants are to be issued against the suspects or not. If this occurs, these warrants will become a part of the arrest records of the respective suspects and they will be open for public access.

Outstanding warrants of arrest are also part of the same criminal records of a person and they are to be regarded as warrants that have once been active and which have not been successfully fulfilled. If you are interested in performing a Columbiana county, OH warrant search, you could access the case management system for the County Common Pleas and Municipal Court you can find here or call the Sheriff’s Office at 424-7255. You may also do a sex offender’s check in the area here

This County has witnessed close to 5,000 total crimes between 1999 and 2008, and only 6 percent of them were violent. Moreover, there are more than 480 annual crimes that transpire here, and close to half of them usually occur in close proximity of the victim’s home. There are 13 crimes happening here on a daily basis. In other words, a murder, a theft or a rape occurs here every 18 hours.

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