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Home to the University of Ohio, Athens County with its population of over 12,000 families is neither the biggest county in the state nor does it rank particularly high in terms of crime. However, this does not eliminate the need to check on the background and arrest records of a person you have newly forged ties with.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that information on all active arrest warrant issued from Athens County, OH is held by no less than 3 state agencies, there is no recourse for an online warrant search. So, if you want to ascertain the existence of an outstanding warrant against a person, you will need to literally show up at the judicial or law enforcement offices in the county.

The sheriff’s department: because the police not only request arrest warrants from the court but also receive all types of detention orders for execution, they have the low down on all of these arrest decrees issued by the courts in the area, be they civil or criminal.

To contact members of the sheriff’s department, you will need to go to 13 W Washington St, Athens, Ohio 45701. For a talk on the phone, call on 740-593-6633 but they will only ever provide information on the procedure to receive arrest records through this medium.

The county clerk’s office of Athens is located at 15 South Court, Room 236, Athens, Ohio 45701 and can be reached on 740-592-3228.The court of clerk and his/her team are charged with the maintenance of all judicial records including the court dockets.

Finally, the magistrate’s court also maintains their own records of all arrest orders issued by the office. So, you will also find all information pertaining to any warrant released by them from the office of the magistrate. Contact them by visiting 1 S Court St, Athens, OH 45701.

Athens County, Oh has seen a massive increase of almost 60% in the rate of violent crime and a rise of nearly 40% in the overall crime average over the ten year interval from 1999 to 2008. At this time, almost 700 criminal complaints are filed in the area each year of which no less than 5% are against violent crimes.

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