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All Wayne County OH arrests need to be preceded by the issuing of arrest warrants by the local court of law. The same state regulations apply here also; in other words, first, a warrant needs to be issued by one of the following authorities: the town or city police department, the sheriff’s office or the state highway patrol. Sufficient evidence needs to be gathered by any of these institutions and their legal representatives. The same evidence needs to be brought to the court, in front of a judge, and carefully analyzed. Unless a probable cause is to be clearly identified, active warrants of arrest will not be signed by the judge. Alternatively, if sufficient evidence is displayed, these papers will enable the local law enforcement officers in the county to exert the law, capture and incarcerate the suspects of a criminal act.

Outstanding warrants also need to follow the same regulations for the state of Ohio. Those of you who are interested in doing a Wayne County, OH arrest records or warrant search, you could start by visiting this link here http://www.waynecourts.org/disclaimer. Public access is enabled and you could find out all of the court case details you might be interested in by using a name and a few additional information. This link http://www.waynecountysheriff.com/sexoffenders.htm could provide you with a list of the most wanted sex offenders in the county. You could also use this address Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, 201 W. North Street, Wooster, Ohio  44691, phone number 330-287-5749 and inquire more information.

This county has recorded close to 10,000 total crimes between the 1999 – 2008 timeframe. Out of them, more than 450 were of violent nature. Close to 500 yearly crimes transpire less than a mile from the home of the victims of murders, thefts, robberies or sexual assaults. There are approximately 2 criminal acts being recorded here on a daily basis, as a crime occurs here every 9 hours. We are referring to half a dozen homicides, more than 300 car thefts and more than 130 rapes.

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