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Beginning a warrant search in Hocking County is not that difficult if you know where to look. The Municipal Court issues most arrest warrants; however, some arrest warrants may be issued by the Common Pleas Court. Therefore, to make sure you find all arrest warrants that have been issued, you should search the court records for both courts. Furthermore, it would be best if you searched for outstanding warrants through the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office. If you find an arrest warrant, you should contact an attorney immediately.

Warrant searches in Hocking County are easier than in some counties because you can search for court cases online through both courts. The Municipal Court’s record search allows the public to search by name, case number, or ticket number to get information about ongoing or closed criminal cases. If you find an active warrant, you should contact the Court directly for detailed information or copies of court records. It would be best to search for active warrants through the Common Pleas Court as some criminal cases are transferred up from the Municipal Court. The Common Pleas Court can also issue arrest warrants in criminal cases.

For a complete warrants search, you should also search for outstanding warrants through the Hocking County Sheriff’s Department. You can request copies of outstanding warrants, arrest records, or criminal history reports from the Sheriff’s Office. The office is located at 25 East Second Street in Logan, OH 43138 (telephone: 740-385-2131). Be careful of searching for arrest warrants in person if you believe you may have an outstanding warrant, as you could be arrested immediately.

Hocking County, OH crime data

From 2001 through 2008, almost 5,500 crimes were committed in Hocking County, and almost one-half of those crimes were committed less than one mile from the victim’s home. The majority of crimes committed were related to either theft or burglary. Crimes rates for the county rose by almost seventy percent for that period.

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