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Clermont County, Ohio, warrant search activities are not difficult to complete. As long as you know the main types of information, you should be looking for, finding the official arrest warrants and criminal records within this county should quickly fall into place. Firstly the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department or the town or city police are all likely to have issued the warrants you are looking for. Therefore, initially contacting these institutions could significantly ease the entire process for you.

For instance, this link:  should help you find a weekly, updated criminal and arrest records database created and maintained by the county sheriff’s office. This database can provide you with information concerning active arrest warrants, outstanding warrants, offense reports filed within the last three months, and records showing the exact arrests completed during the last three months.

The 1999–2008 timeframe has witnessed around 22,000 crimes in this county. No more than 5 percent of these crimes were violent. Every year, this county records over 2,200 crimes, and around 1,000 of them usually occur close to the victims’ homes — the crime takes place less than a mile from their homes. The average time that passes between two different criminal acts here is around 180 minutes. There are more than 300 rapes and around 17,000 thefts transpiring here. Plus, there are over 1,000 motor vehicle thefts that are officially recorded in this county.

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