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The community would undoubtedly be safer if everybody made it their business to use the services of government agencies that offer information on active arrest warrants from Union County, OH. The state police and the judiciary are committed to creating a better living environment, and in this quest, they offer a range of services to the people of the county.

So, initiating a warrant search does not take a lot in Union, OH, in fact, you can access arrest records for any person you know by merely visiting the sheriff’s office at 221 W 5th StMarysville, Ohio 43040 or calling on 937-645-4100 or faxing a formal request for information to 937-645-4170.

The sheriff’s office offers detailed information on the background check procedure through their page at https://www.co.union.oh.us/Union-County-Public-Records-Policy/. Also, provided is a most wanted list that will help community members remove anti social elements from the county.

The county clerk’s office at 233 West Sixth Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040 can be used to look for outstanding warrants as well. Because the clerk of court is charged with recording all case related information in the court dockets, you will find details on both criminal and non-criminal matters through this source. Call them on 937-645-3032 to file a formal request for background information.

Your last official source is the magistrate’s court. The office of the sitting judge of the local tribunal is located at 215 W 5th St, Marysville, OH 43040. You can also speak to a representative of the judge by calling on 937-645-3006. This option is particularly well suited for people who are looking for arrest warrants issued in certain criminal or civil matters as opposed to a criminal history report.

Union County, OH appears in the middle of the list when you compare it with the other areas of the state in terms of its crime figures. At about 500 crime incidents per year, Union is certainly not the largest or the most crime ridden county in the state. Yet, the fact that the crime figures in the area have almost doubled in the 10 years from 1999 to 2008 has made many worry about the future law and order scenario in the area.

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