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Do you have an active arrest warrant issued in Ross County, OH, against you? Would you like to do something about this before your luck runs out and you are arrested even after a routine traffic stop? If you answered those questions with a yes, it is time to scour government and non-government agencies for information on any outstanding warrants in your name.

Before you deal with arrest warrants legally, you need to know for a fact that there is an arrest order out in your name. Simply walking into the police station and confessing to your crime is the fastest way to throw yourself behind bars. So refrain from any such urges.

Instead, get somebody you know to carry out a warrant search on your behalf discreetly. There are at least three government agencies that can offer extensive information on arrest records. The best part is that all three of them are located at the Ross justice center to be covered in a single day. In fact, a few hours are all it will take to gather all data on civil and criminal matters against an individual.

Drive down to 28 North Paint Street, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601; here you will find the county clerk’s office that holds the court dockets hence information on all cases to have ever passed through the judicial system in the area, the sheriff’s office, which is responsible for the execution of all arrest orders and requests active warrants from the court and the magistrate’s court that actually issued these arrest orders.

You can also mail in a formal search request to the office of the clerk of court at P.O. Box 6162, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601.


If you need information on Ross County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • For inmate search and data on Ross County arrests, contact (740)-773-1187 or 740-773-1186, ext. 8.
  • For general information, contact 740-773-1186.
  • For arrest records and other police reports, contact 740-773-1186, ext. 3
  • For the details of an investigation (criminal), contact 740-773-1186, ext. 6
  • For requesting a Ross County warrant search, contact 740-773-1186, ext. 127.
  • For judicial records and court dockets, contact 740-702-3010.
  • For victims and witness’ assistance, contact 1-877-702-3190 or 740-702-3190 or


Crime Statistics of Ross County

As compared to the 2018 crime average of 813 cases, the Ross Sheriff’s Office received 1155 criminal complaints in 2019. The figure included 1041 criminal misdemeanors and 114 felonies.

There were 631 larceny thefts, 285 burglaries, and 125 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. There were 73 aggravated assaults, 33 rapes, and 5 robberies among the reported felonies.

At the time of writing this article, almost 3100 crimes were reported in Ross County, OH, every year. Of these, almost 30% were violent criminal incidents; this is a fairly high rate even when you consider the several urban pockets around the county. Nearly 80% of the criminal activity is related to property theft, including carjacking.

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