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A Geauga County, OH active arrest warrant is a written directive to take the accused whose name has been issued into custody. The judicial order contains a range of information, from the name of the suspect and other details that will help the police identify him/her to a brief about the crime that he/she is being held responsible for.

While the local police hold the original document, the magistrate’s court also has a copy of it. Apart from this, all active orders that do not get served are stored electronically in the county and national crime databases under the header- outstanding arrest warrants. So, if you are keen on a warrant search, here are a few state departments that you should approach.

The magistrate’s court: This is the judicial body that issues all warrants, including arrest orders in felonies and misdemeanors. To get in touch with them, visit the magistrate’s office at 100 Short Ct St, Chardon, OH 44024.

The county clerk’s office: This is the administrative branch of the judiciary, and as such, they are in charge of maintaining all case records, which are legally referred to as the court dockets. So, not only can you get information on warrants and arrest records from this source, but you can also find out about the verdict issued in a specific case, etc. To contact the court clerk, go to 231 Main Street, Chardon, Ohio 44024-1235.

The sheriff’s department: Because all arrest orders, including bench warrants, get sent to the sheriff’s department for execution, they not only possess the hard copy of the detention decree but also have all information about it stored on their system. To pay a visit to the law enforcement agency’s head office, drive to 12450 Merritt Road, Chardon, Ohio 44024.


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Geauga County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • To learn more about arrests and prisoners, contact Corrections at (440) 279-2009, Extension 4411.
  • For general information, reach out to the Sheriff’s Office at (440) 279-2050.
  • For arrest records and incident reports, get in touch with the Records Unit at (440) 279-2009, Extension 4325.
  • For investigation-related inquiries, contact the Law Enforcement Unit at (440) 279-1234 or (440) 279-2009 (for victims only).
  • To get information on outstanding arrest warrants, contact the law enforcement office at (440) 286-1234.
  • To speak with the victim’s advocate, contact the Prosecutor’s Office at (440) 279-2115.
  • For information on submitting a request for a criminal background check and court case records, contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at (440) 279-1953.


Crime Statistics of Geauga County

The Geauga Sheriff’s Office received 144 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to the 138 criminal instances of 2018. There were 134 property offenses and 10 violent crimes among them.

Around 94 larceny thefts, 28 burglaries, and 12 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Nearly 3 aggravated assaults, 6 rapes, and 1 robbery were included in the violent crimes category.

There has been a distinctive increase in the crime figures of Geauga County, OH, of almost 60%. This has translated to an ever-increasing annual crime rate, which currently stands well over 200 incidents. Of these, over 25% are violent crime instances, while the others are property-related felonies and misdemeanors.

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