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An arrest in Delaware County, Ohio, must be legally preceded by an arrest warrant. For an arrest warrant here to become a valid one, a magistrate or a sitting judge must sign the document. The signing of these now active warrants will turn them into active warrants that will gain their legal force. In other words, the person against whom the warrant has been issued will be under police search, and he or she will also be liable for arrest the moment the person is found.

Needless to say, a sitting judge must first analyze some conclusive evidence that needs to lead to the un-doubtful existence of a probable cause. Outstanding warrants in this county are similar to the ones found in other counties of Ohio. These documents are also part of a person’s arrest records, and they are warrants that have not been fulfilled by the law enforcement officers in the area.

Doing a Delaware County, OH warrant search could help you find either an active or an outstanding warrant. For this, it is advisable to turn to this link and access the public court records in the county. You could also see a list of the currently incarcerated individuals here

The 1999 – 2008 time frame has gathered little over 18,000 total crimes within this county’s borders, and close to 6 percent of them were violent. For your information, there are more than 1,800 crimes reported yearly here, and half of them occur less than a mile from the victim’s home. There are around 6 criminal acts that transpire daily, including more than a dozen murders, close to 400 sexual assaults, and close to fourteen thousand robberies.

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