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In Wood County Ohio, arrest warrants have to officially rely on certain evidence that needs to stand for a probable cause in the court of law. The local police, the sheriff’s department or the Ohio state police highway patrol should be able to gather this evidence and present it to a sitting judge, who then needs to analyze it carefully. The Judge needs to use his or her judgment and decide whether a suspect can in fact be accused of having committed a certain crime or not. If this is the case, the judge will sign the arrest warrants and turn them into active warrants.

Provided the law enforcement officers fail to capture, withhold and incarcerate the suspects or they will fail to do so in a timely manner, these warrants will turn into outstanding warrants. Both active and outstanding legal documents of arrest will remain part of one’s arrest records.

There are several official sources in Wood County Ohio one could be using to conduct a warrant search . The first one is this online link providing you with a constantly updated list of warrants that are still active. The second one is represented by this address http://offender.doc.state.wi.us/public/ that should display a list of all sex offenders in the county. You could also visit the sheriff’s office in person at Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495 and get the additional information you might be looking for.

Between 1999 and 2008, this county has seen close to 30,000 total crimes transpiring within its borders. Out of them, more than 1,000 were violent. On a yearly basis, around 3,000 crimes occur here, out of which close to 50 percent are considered violent. Every 120 minutes, a person falls victim to a crime here, and these criminal acts include close to 1,300 vehicle thefts, 10 homicides and more than 150 violent sexual assaults.

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