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Can a law enforcement officer arrest you if you have an outstanding bench warrant in Jackson County? The answer is “yes, a law enforcement officer will arrest you if you have an outstanding bench warrant.”A bench warrant serves the same purpose as an arrest warrant in that it permits officers to apprehend and incarcerate you until a hearing is held. The difference between a bench warrant and an arrest warrant is why they are issued. A bench warrant is issued for a failure to appear in court, while an arrest warrant is issued for a certain crime. In either case, you will be arrested. If you want to search for bench warrants or arrest warrants in Jackson County, you should begin searching for criminal cases in the county courts.

Begin your warrant search by looking for cases through the Jackson County Municipal Court’s online case system. If you find an active criminal case, you may inquire through the office about active warrants issued at the commencement of the case. The office is located at 295 Broadway Street in Jackson, OH. The other court that you must search for active warrants is the Jackson County Common Pleas court. Unfortunately, there is not an online case search for the Common Pleas Court. You may visit the office at 226 E. Main Street, 2nd Floor, in Jackson, OH 45640, to request copies of court records or search the public records for arrest warrants.

Continue your warrant search by checking for outstanding warrants through the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department handles serving outstanding warrants issued by the courts in Jackson County. You may also ask for copies of arrest records on warrants that have already been served. Contact the office at 350 Portsmouth Street in Jackson, OH 45640 (phone: 740-286-6464).

Jackson County, OH crime data

Between 2002 and 2007, over 2,400 crimes were reported in Jackson County. During this time, theft and burglary made up most of the crimes committed (over ninety percent). Only one murder was reported for this period.

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