a couple of beer cans in the vehicle

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a couple of beer cans in the vehicle

My friends and I were stopped by a police patrol on Saturday eve. The police officers found a couple of beer cans in the vehicle. Since we are underage, we were arrested. What will happen to us next?

Billabong-Aceman (not verified)

Relax. It is a first degree Misdemeanor and since it’s your first, you will probably end up with diversionary program.

AngryMom (not verified)

I would be worried if I were you. Judges tend to be harsh when it comes to DUI. As I understand, you were not driving under influence but just accused of underage consumption. Your license may be suspended till you are 21, which is of course bad news for you. Now if you were charged of DUI, you could have faced jail (up to six months) time and a huge fine.

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